Remote Zone Control


MAGNUM Remote Zone Control

MAGNUM Remote Zone Control is a complete system for controlling your underfloor heating. The system consists of thermostats that can be hung in each room and a controller that is mounted near the manifold. The advanced actuators receive a signal through the controller whether they should be opened or closed depending on the temperature demand. Control the zones separately through the thermostat or through your tablet or smartphone. 

MAGNUM W-Controller
The MAGNUM W – Controller receiver is specially designed to control the temperature of underfloor heating systems through the “normally closed” actuators. Each receiver can control 8 zones and can be expanded as required.

MAGNUM W-Thermostat
The MAGNUM W – Clock Thermostat ensures precise control of the room temperature. With this clock thermostat you can adjust the temperature based on a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day. The thermostat is connected wirelessly to the MAGNUM W – Controller and transmits a signal when the temperature changes.

MAGNUM W – Actuators
These electrothermal actuators are used to automatically control the stopcocks. When the actuators are mounted on the taps, they automatically shut off the water supply from the boiler. As soon as there is a heat demand from the underfloor heating system, the thermostat, which is connected to the receiver, causes the actuators to open the stopcocks so that hot water from the boiler can be let into the manifold. When the correct temperature is reached, they close the stopcocks again. Description
W80001MW – C Central 8-zone control – App control Description
W80000MW – T Room thermostat Digital, wireless RF Description
W80003MW – A Actuator / thermomotor 230V NC


TypeWireless thermostat
Suitable forWater based systems
ControlsOn thermostat and through app
SensorsRoom sensor
Voltage MW – C230V – 50/60Hz
Voltage MW – T3x AAA battery
Voltage MW – A230V – 50/60Hz
Max. number of groups32 per MW – C station
Temperature range1°C – 40°C
Housing IP21
WiFiV (LAN connection required)
AppV iOS & Android
Voice assistantX 
Programmableup to 2 periods per day
Intelligence V
Wooden floor V < 28°C

Technical details

  • Wireless control through thermostat, PC, Tablet or
  • Smartphone
  • Heating and cooling mode
  • Set up to 8 zones
  • Merge zones easily
  • Up to 32 actuators can be connected
  • LAN connection necessary
  • Pump control function
  • Customised weekly programme
  • Bus connection for Smart Home functionality
  • Room/floor sensor function

2 year warranty for MW-C, MW-T and MW-A.