MAGNUM Keeps you warm

MAGNUM Heating is one of the leading European suppliers of electric underfloor heating systems. MAGNUM Heating has over 20 years of experience supplying both commercial and domestic projects and can design systems to suit all of your requirements.

On this website you will find out everything about the various MAGNUM in and outdoor products as well all the possible applications. You will also find recommendations, handy tips and much more besides.

  • Electric floor heating mat
    Electric floor heating mat
  • Electrical heating cable
    Electrical heating cable
  • Heating foil for under wood or laminate
    Heating foil for under wood or laminate
  • Mirror heating
    Mirror heating
  • Electric towel warmers
    Electric towel warmers
  • Infrared ceiling heaters
    Infrared ceiling heaters
  • Temperature regulation
    Temperature regulation
  • Insulation materials
    Insulation materials
  • Frost-free systems
    Frost-free systems
  • Self-regulating heating cables
    Self-regulating heating cables
  • ISH Frankfurt 2015

    ISH Frankfurt 2015

    The world’s leading trade fair!

    See the unique range of MAGNUM products and services for yourself at the next ISH in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 March 2015! Hall 5.1 C37

  • Infrared energy

    Infrared energy

    Infrared energy is light that is invisible because the wave length is too long for the human eye and forms the part of the electromagnet spectrum that we experience as heat.

  • Lifetime warranty

    Lifetime warranty

    The MAGNUM Mat or Cable is warranted for the lifetime of the floor covering under which it is fitted. Here you can find our terms and conditons.

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  • VDE Certification

    VDE Certification

    VDE is one of the largest technical and scientific inspection body in Europe. The MAGNUM Mat and all Tracing cables including MAGNUM Frost Free Ribbon are approved by this leading authority.