Premium Composite Open LT


MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT

Floor heating manifold

The MAGNUM Premium Composite Open manifold consists of individual composite elements that are connected by threaded rods.

The individual elements are made of a glass-fibre reinforced polyamide composite that is very suitable for high and low temperatures. The elements have a double-walled construction that automatically forms an insulating layer. This makes this manifold extremely suitable for heating, but also for cooling. This insulating layer practically eliminates the formation of condensation on the manifold. This manifold is increasingly used in combination with a heat pump, which heats in the winter and cools in the summer. This manifold is equipped as standard with 1” ball valves, 2 automatic air vents, 2 filler drain valves, thermometer and a thermo-manometer. DescriptionDimensions
W50002MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 2 Groups 265 x 375 x 125 mm
W50003MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 3 Groups 320 x 375 x 125 mm
W50004MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 4 Groups 375 x 375 x 125 mm
W50005MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 5 Groups 430 x 375 x 125 mm
W50006MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 6 Groups 485 x 375 x 125 mm
W50007MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 7 Groups 540 x 375 x 125 mm
W50008MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 8 Groups 595 x 375 x 125 mm
W50009MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 9 Groups 650 x 375 x 125 mm
W50010MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 10 Groups705 x 375 x 125 mm
W50011MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 11 Groups 760 x 375 x 125 mm
W50012MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 12 Groups 815 x 375 x 125 mm
W50013MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 13 Groups 870 x 375 x 125 mm
W50014MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 14 Groups 925 x 375 x 125 mm
W50015MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 15 Groups980 x 375 x 125 mm


Central heating boilerV
Heat pumpV
Solar heat (with buffer tank)V
Pellet stoveV
District heatingV


Valve on inletV
Thermostat on inletX
Flow meterV
Pressure gaugeV
Air ventV
Valve on returnV
RTL valve on returnX
In control valve mixing quantityX
Stop valve between supply and returnX

Technical details

  • Constructed from separate composite elements, with a 10 year guarantee
  • Thermostatic group valves M30x 1,5 suitable for MAGNUM actuators
  • Groups fitted with a professional flow meter with a range of 0-2,5L/min
  • Group connections suitable for ¾” Eurocones
  • Primary connection 1” Sealable by ball valves
  • Manifold is supplied with mounting material as standard
  • Ball valve 1” with red handle
  • Flowmeter Camflux 2,5 L/m- 1/2”
  • Bi-metal thermometer incl. DB
  • Automatic air vent nickel-plated 1/2” + O-ring
  • Ball valve 1” with blue handle

Package content

  • Press report
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty certificate
  • MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT

MAGNUM Premium Composite Open LT 10 years on body, 2 years on fittings.