Outdoor Mat


MAGNUM Outdoor mat

For installation in asphalt and concrete

Installation in unrolled asphalt

This mat has been specially developed for heating footpaths and driving tracks. The heating mat is easy to unroll, cut and fold for simple and quick installation.

MAGNUM Outdoor Mat is a highly advanced system of heating mats, 2 sensor units that measure humidity in combination with the outdoor temperature and a custom-made control cabinet. 

The power supply cable is uniquely connected to the resistance wire. The aluminium reinforcement jacket protects the resistance wires against mechanical damage and shields the cable against EMC (electromagnetic radiation). This has the advantage that the cable does not interfere with mobile phones, electrically operated garage doors and gates, security installations etc. 

Installation under paving stones

The cable is equipped with PTFE (Teflon) inner sheaths and a PVC outer sheath that is resistant to the action of chemicals. 

Complete systems

MAGNUM Outdoor installations are specially drawn and designed per order. A complete watertight control cabinet (IP-65) is manufactured and fitted out in proportion to the number of cables/mats and power. For larger projects, the control cabinet can be expanded to include modulating power regulators up to 50kW that prevent peak loads and also save energy. The system can be implemented in both 230V and 400V.

Installation in concrete
Art.nr. Descriptionm2DimensionsPowerVoltAmpsOhm
126002MAGNUM Outdoor Mat2 m20,5 x 4 m600 Watt230V2,688,2
126005MAGNUM Outdoor Mat5 m20,5 x 10 m1500 Watt230V6,535,3
126008MAGNUM Outdoor Mat8 m2 0,5 x 16 m2400 Watt230V10,422
126010MAGNUM Outdoor Mat10 m20,5 x 20 m3000 Watt230V1317,6
Art.nr. m2DimensionsPowerVoltAmpsOhm
1260022 m20,5 x 4 m600 Watt230V2,688,2
1260055 m20,5 x 10 m1500 Watt230V6,535,3
1260088 m2 0,5 x 16 m2400 Watt230V10,422
12601010 m20,5 x 20 m3000 Watt230V1317,6


Sand bed + bricksV
Cold asphaltV unrolled processing!
Asphalt < 240oCV unrolled processing!
Inner jacketPFTE (Teflon)
Outer jacketPVC
Length of connecting wire10 m
Power30 Watt/m1
Connection voltage230 V/50Hz
CertificationIEC 800, CE, VDE, IPX7
Warranty10 year

Technical details

  • Power 300 Watt/m2
  • Dimensions 2, 5, 8 & 10 m2
  • Connection voltage 230 V/50Hz
  • Standards IEC 800 and CE
  • Certification VDE
  • Class IPX7
  • Core insulation PTFE (Teflon)
  • Suitable for unrolled mastic asphalt up to 240°C

Installation methods (complete systems)
MAGNUM Outdoor systems are calculated and designed per order. 

MAGNUM Outdoor Mat has a 10 year warranty on the electrical function of the cable.