MAGNUM IsoRol is an expanded polystyrene foam covered on one side with a metallized PET film 12µ. Can be used as an underlay for MAGNUM Cable (take into account sufficient structural strength for floating floors). The base floor must be free of dust and grease, smooth and dry. Unevenness of more than 2 mm must be levelled. Place the underlay with the PET layer facing upwards. The seams should be sealed with a special aluminium / polyester tape. This tape has to be ordered separately. UnitDimensionsThickness
72050224 m²Roll20 x 1,2 m3 mm


Thickness3 mm
Compressive strengthCS 1: 10 kPA < CS ≤ 50 kPA according to EN 826 + A.3.7
Impact sound reduction20 db( with laminate) according to  DIN EN ISO 140-8/717-2
Footstep noise reduction19 % according to IHD W431
Temp. resistance40°C: +/- 0,09 m2K/W according to DIN EN ISO 12667
Tensile strengthCC2: 25 kPA < CC ≤ 50 kPA according to EN 1606 + A.3.8
Water vapour diffusion resistance> 100 m according to DIN 52615 / DIN EN 12086
Fire resistanceE according to DIN EN 13501-1:2007 +A1 2013
Warranty2 years

Technical details

  • Immune to humidity and mould
  • Has excellent reflective and moisture insulating properties (thanks to the metallized PET film)
  • Easy to install and to cut
  • Very high mechanical strength
  • 100% CFK-free material
  • Suitable for MAGNUM Cable

Installation methods

  • The floor must be clean, dry and free of uneven spots.
  • Before application, remove any irregularities of the subfloor > 2mm.
  • Roll out the first strip with the silver side up and lay the next strip side by side with the first.
  • Unfold the overlap strip and lay it over the next strip, the edges should be connected by using the integrated adhesive tape.
  • After laying the floor, cut off the excess material at the ends.

Package content

  • MAGNUM Isorol 24m2
  • Productsheet