MAGNUM Isofoam

MAGNUM IsoFoam is a 6 mm thin floor insulation manufactured from fully recycled materials. The structure of the Isofoam consists of small closed cells that have an excellent insulating effect. This special structure ensures that it does not conduct heat to the bottom, so that all the heat generated by MAGNUM Foil is directed towards the floor surface. 

Installation methods

  • Lightweight
  • Optimal noise reduction
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Levels out small irregularities in the floor
  • Easy to install and to cut
  • Only 6 mm thin
  • Suitable for MAGNUM Foil DescriptionUnitDimensionsThickness
730300MAGNUM IsoFoam PS Insulation6 m²10 plates of 120 x 50 cm6 mm


Thickness6 mm
Density28 kg/m3
Heat resistance0,19 m2K/W
Heat transfer coefficient0,029 – 0,034 W/(mK)
Water absorption after 24 hours≤ 1 %
Water absorption after 24 days≤ 2 %
Compressive strength≥ 10 kPa PN-EN ISO 826:2013
Dynamic load resistance≥ 2 kPa
Impact sound reduction18 dB EN ISO 10140
Footstep noise reduction9 % EN 16205
Warranty2 years

Technical details

    Package content

    • MAGNUM Isofoam 6m2
    • Productsheet

    2 year warranty.