F32 WiFi



Smart WiFi thermostat

The stylish F32 Wi-Fi thermostat is a programmable thermostat designed to control electric floor heating systems. Install the App on your smart device to control the heating system remotely with this Wi-Fi thermostat.

An App is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Within the App, you can program and adjust settings. To control different rooms, additional thermostats can easily be added.

In addition to Wi-Fi connection, this thermostat can also work as a simple stand-alone unit (choose temperature and mode). It is fully programmable within the App. Therefore, it is suitable for easy use and also perfect for hotels and vacation homes with the addition of a pilot wire.

An open window function is also included. If the temperature drops suddenly, the thermostat automatically turns off, preventing additional electricity costs.

Art.nr. DescriptionColor code
825880MAGNUM F32 Smart WiFi thermostat incl. floor sensor Polar white – RAL 9010
825881MAGNUM F32 Smart WiFi thermostat incl. floor sensor Graphite black – RAL 9011


TypeSmart WiFi thermostat
Suitable forElectrical systems
OperationTouch keys
SensorsRoom and floor sensor (12K)
Voltage230V – 50/60Hz
Maximum load16A / 230V
Temperature range5°C / 40°C
WiFiV 2.4Ghz
AppX iOs & Android
Voice AssistantGoogle assistant and Amazon Alexa
Programmableup to 3 periods per day
Intelligence V
Wood floor V < 28°C
Open windowV
Slow startV

2-year warranty on electrical operation and floor sensor.

Technical details

  • Protection class IP 21
  • Voltage 230 volts – 50/60 Hz
  • Temperature range +5°C / +40°C
  • Maximum power 16A – 3600 watts
  • Inspections CE
  • Thermostat with Wifi function
  • 7 segment display screen
  • Touch-sensitive button control
  • Free App available for iOS and Android
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Screensaver night clock
  • Automatic startup menu
  • Intelligent and self-learning
  • Slow startup function
  • Wood floor function (limited 28°C)
  • Open window function
  • Pilot wire
  • Backup function
  • Automatic summer & winter time
  • Multi program function (3 periods p/day)
  • Multilingual programming in App

Suitable switchgear:
Busch-Jaeger Valance SI 1721-914
Busch-Jaeger Future Linear
Gira Event
Gira E2
Gira Standard 55
Hager Berker S.1
Jung A500
Jung AC 581
Jung LS990 i.c.w. intermediate frame LS961Z5WW
Jung LS990 i.c.w. intermediate frame LS961Z5WW

Installation method
Suitable for electric heating systems.

Package Contents

  • F32 WiFi Thermostat
  • Cover frame
  • Installation Instructions
  • Floor sensor 12K


MAGNUM F32 WiFi – RAL 9010