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MAGNUM Eurocone

Connection fittings

Euroconus connection fittings are the ideal fittings for attaching the tubes of your underfloor heating system to the manifold. MAGNUM supplies connection fittings suitable for all MAGNUM Tube underfloor heating tubes with a diameter of 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm or 20 mm and a wall thickness up to 2,0 mm (supplied per 2 pieces). DescriptionDimensions
W90010MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection 10 mm1,3 x 3/4” mm
W90012MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection 12 mm1,5 x 3/4” mm
W90014MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection 14 mm2 x 3/4” mm
W90016MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection 16 mm2 x 3/4” mm
W90018MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection 18 mm2 x 3/4” mm
W90020MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection 20 mm2 x 3/4” mm


Diameter10 mm
Dimensions1,3 x 3/4” mm

Diameter12 mm
Dimensions1,5 x 3/4” mm

Diameter14 mm
Dimensions2 x 3/4” mm

Diameter16 mm
Dimensions2 x 3/4” mm

Diameter18 mm
Dimensions2 x 3/4” mm

Diameter20 mm
Dimensions2 x 3/4” mm
Warranty2 years