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MAGNUM Bend support

Positioning systems and accessories

90°C bend support holds the heating tubes at an angle of 90°C and enables you to process the tubes easily and quickly. This support is very suitable to support tubes in corners when installing in ceilings, floors or support from the manifolds of the underfloor heating system. DescriptionDimensions
W9011390°C Bend supportTube size ø 14 – 17 mm  2 pieces
W9011490°C Bend supportTube size ø 18 – 20 mm  2 pieces


Diameter14 – 17 mm 18 – 20 mm
Dimensions125 x 17 x 25 mm 140 x 20 x 39 mm
Weight37 g 45 g
MaterialPA 6 with glass fibre
Operating temperature0°C – 65°C
Warranty 2 years