Basic Steel


MAGNUM Basic Steel

Floor heating manifold

The MAGNUM Basic Steel is a simple, yet very robust control unit that comes standard with an energy-efficient pump with energy label A. This pump has a constant pressure, so that it adjusts itself when groups are closed off by a possible after-control (actuator). This is also called a modulating pump.

The manifold is hydraulically neutral, which means that the pump of this manifold has no influence on the primary circuit. The manifold is pressure tested at 6 bar provided with a press report, clear instruction manual and warranty card. DescriptionDimensions
W40001MAGNUM Basic Steel 1 Group incl. A-Label Pump190 x 390 x 145 mm
W40002MAGNUM Basic Steel 2 Groups incl. A-Label Pump190 x 390 x 145 mm
W40003MAGNUM Basic Steel 3 Groups incl. A-Label Pump245 x 390 x 145 mm
W40004MAGNUM Basic Steel 4 Groups incl. A-Label Pump300 x 390 x 145 mm
W40005MAGNUM Basic Steel 5 Groups incl. A-Label Pump355 x 390 x 145 mm
W40006MAGNUM Basic Steel 6 Groups incl. A-Label Pump410 x 390 x 145 mm
W40007MAGNUM Basic Steel 7 Groups incl. A-Label Pump465 x 390 x 145 mm
W40008MAGNUM Basic Steel 8 Groups incl. A-Label Pump520 x 390 x 145 mm
W40009MAGNUM Basic Steel 9 Groups incl. A-Label Pump575 x 390 x 145 mm
W40010MAGNUM Basic Steel 10 Groups incl. A-Label Pump630 x 390 x 145 mm


Central heating boilerV
Heat pumpX
Solar heat (with buffer tank)X
Pellet stoveX
District heatingX


Valve on inletV
Thermostat on inletV
Flow meterX
Pressure gaugeX
Air ventV
Valve on returnV
RTL valve on returnX
In control valve mixing quantityX
Stop valve between supply and returnX

Technical details

  • The body of this manifold is galvanised and epoxy-coated in black RAL 9011
  • Equipped with thermostat knob, thermometer, maximum safety device and air vent
  • Equipped as standard with an energy-efficient A-rated pump
  • Double adjustable thermostatic group valves suitable for MAGNUM actuators
  • Group connections suitable for ¾” Euroconus
  • Primary connection ½” (from 8 groups ¾”)
  • Distributor is supplied with mounting material as standard
  • Thermostatically prepared valve
  • Thermostat knob with cap valve in immersion tube
  • Bimetal thermometer incl. immersion tube
  • Air vent 1/2”
  • Ball valve 1/2” 2-piece blue

Package content

  • Press report
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranty certificate
  • MAGNUM Basic Steel

MAGNUM Basic Steel 5 years for the body, 2 years for fittings.