MAGNUM Isorol is an expanded polystyrene foam coated on one side with a metallised PET film 12µ. To be used as underlay for MAGNUM Cable (assuming their is sufficient structural strength with sprung floors). The floor base must be free of dust and grease and be smooth and dry. Unevenness greater than 2 mm/meters must be evened out. The underlay foil should be laid with the PET layer on top. The seams must be sealed with a special aluminium/polyester tape. The tape should be ordered separately.

Floor Heating Wizard

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  • NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    The MAGNUM MRC is easy and intuitive to operate through the touch screen. Via the App, available free of charge in the Google Play store and Apple App store, you can always operate the thermostat remotely.