MAGNUM Look mirror heating always provides a clear view when shaving, cutting hair and doing the make-up. You no longer need to wipe the mirror with a towel to see yourself after showering or running the hot watertap.


MAGNUM Look is connected and simply switched on via the light switch and removes condensation in no time. Moreover, it prevents those ugly wipe marks left on the screen when trying to remove condensation. Connects directly to the lighting circuit in the bathroom and avoid unnecessary waste of energy.


MAGNUM Look mirror warming is a self-adhesive heating foil element that is applied directly to the back of the mirror. The elements are double insulated and can therefore be used in bathrooms (humid spaces).


The capacity produces a rapid warm-up time of between 5 and 8 minutes. Within a short space of time the mirror has a temperature of approximately 40°C which dispels all condensation. The maximum possible mirror temperature is limited to approximately 50°C. This makes the product absolutely safe to the touch.


MAGNUM Look is supplied as standard with the following

  • Heating foil with self-adhesive back
  • ±1 metre of connecting cable
  • Installation instructions


2-year guarantee on the electromechanical operation.

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  • NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    The MAGNUM MRC is easy and intuitive to operate through the touch screen. Via the App, available free of charge in the Google Play store and Apple App store, you can always operate the thermostat remotely.