MAGNUM Trace Hot Water

Self-regulating heating cable for hot water systems < 85°C

MAGNUM Trace Hot Water (MTHW ) is a self-regulating heating cable designed to compensate for heat loss from hot water distribution systems. When hot taps are not continuous used, the water in the

distribution pipework cools and is usually run to waste before hot water from the source arrives at the tap.


This MTHW does not become overheated and does not burn, even when it overlaps on itself. The electrical current regulates itself based on the temperature of the pipe. It’s self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability. By applying to the pipework (beneath the thermal insulation), heat losses are eliminated and the water is maintained at the required temperature.


The installation of MTHW is quick and simple and the cable can

be cut to match the exact length of the pipework. It requires no special skills or tools. Termination, splicing and power connection is available separately.

Additional information

The extent of heat loss depends on the diameter of the piping, the ambient temperature and the flow of liquid.  Extra insulation is advised. Use of a temperature regulator reduces energy consumption.


For calculating the heat loss and the applicable cable, you can

contact the sales department of MAGNUM Heating.

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