MAGNUM Trace Micro

MAGNUM Trace Micro - MTM is an industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that can be used for frost protection or maintaining the temperature of pipework and vessels. It is especially suitable for use on pipes and instruments with small diameters. It can be cut to length at site to match exact piping lengths without any complicated design considerations.


Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability. This MTM  will not overheat or burn, even when overlapped upon itself. Its power output self-regulates in response to the pipe temperature.


MTM is available with a corrosion resistant thermoplastic outer jacket; and with a fluorine polymer outer jacket (MTM-Fluorine polymer) in cases when greater corrosion resistance is required.


  • Cold water pipes
  • Drains
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Oil pipelines (MTM-Fluorine polymer)

Additional information

The extent of the loss of heat depends on the diameter of the piping, the ambient temperature and the flow of liquid.  Extra insulation is advised. Use of a temperature regulator reduces energy consumption.


For calculating the heat loss and the applicable cable, you can

contact the sales department of MAGNUM Heating.

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