MAGNUM Trace Gutter Heat

Self-regulating heating ribbon for eaves < 85°C

MAGNUM Trace Gutter Heat (MTGH) is a self-regulating heating cable specifically designed to prevent snow and ice building up on roofs, in eaves and in drainpipes. In snow and icy water the cable operates at full power. As the snow melts and the water drains away MTGH self regulates to half power while it dries; as it gets warmer it gradually reduces its output. It can be cut-to-length during installation.


The MTGH is a self-regulation cable and therefore prevents overheating. It can even be installed directly into plastic gutters and with a black, corrosion stable and UV stable outer jackets the system is durable and reliable.


The installation of MTGH is quick and simple and requires no special skills or tools. Termination, splicing and connection components are available.

Additional information

  • It is recommended that an additional temperature controller is used. A controller that measures the ambient temperature and the presence of snow or moisture is the most efficient.
  • This cable should not be placed on Bitumen surfaces.

MAGNUM Trace Gutter Heat Kit

Ready to use heating elements with built-in thermostat. Easy to use and installed directly. Equipped with a thermostat that switches on below 5°C and switches off below -10°C.

  • Including a 3 meter connection cable
  • Securing clips
  • IP67 protected

For calculating the heat loss and the applicable cable, you can

contact the sales department of MAGNUM Heating.

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  • NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    The MAGNUM MRC is easy and intuitive to operate through the touch screen. Via the App, available free of charge in the Google Play store and Apple App store, you can always operate the thermostat remotely.