MAGNUM Outdoor Cable

Especially for larger surfaces, such as loading docks or entrance and exit ramps for parking garages, where safety needs to be guaranteed. The MAGNUM Outdoor Cable can be secured directly onto the reinforcement steel before the sand bed, concrete or asphalt is poured.


MAGNUM Outdoor is a highly advanced system of heating

cables, 2 sensor units that measure moisture in combination with the outside temperature, and a custom-made control box.


The power cord is connected to the resistance wire with an

electric welding. The aluminium casing protects the resistance wire against mechanical damage and shields the cable against EMC (electromagnetic  radiation). The advantage of this is

that the cable will not cause interference on mobile phones, electric garage doors and gateways, security installations etc.


The cable is equipped with PTFE (Teflon) inner jackets and a

PVC outer jacket which is resistant against the influence of chemicals.


10 years warranty on the electromechanical operation of the cable.

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  • NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat NEW: MRC WiFi thermostat

    The MAGNUM MRC is easy and intuitive to operate through the touch screen. Via the App, available free of charge in the Google Play store and Apple App store, you can always operate the thermostat remotely.